True creation is bowing into service

We heart-centered entrepreneurs often share the notion of our businesses being like our babies. We cherish them into being, and there's a strong creative force that pushes us to bring them into life. The following paragraph from Charles Eisenstein touched me deeply so let me share it with you:

"The one who bows into service is an artist. To see work as sacred is to bow into service to it, and thus become its instrument. More specifically and somewhat paradoxically, we become the instrument of that which we create. Whether it is a material, human, or social creation, we put ourselves into the humble service of something preexisting yet unmanifest. Thus it is that the artist is in awe of his or her own creation. I get that feeling when I read aloud from The Ascent of Humanity: "I could not have written this." That book is its own entity, born through me but no more my creation than parents create a baby, or a farmer a spinach plant. They transmit the impulse of life, they provide a place for it to grow, but they do not and need not understand the details of cell differentiation. I too nourished my growing book with every resource available to me, and birthed it with terrific hardship from its womb in my mind into physical form, and I am intimately familiar with its every nuance, yet I have an abiding sense that it existed already, that it is beyond my contrivance. Can a parent legitimately take credit for the accomplishments of his or her child? No. That is a form of theft. Nor will I take credit for the beauty of my creations. I am at their service."

Paragraph from: Sacred Economics: Chapter 21, Working in the Gift (Part 22) by Charles Eisenstein

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    by Di on April 8, 2012  4:28 pm Reply

    Love it, printed it, hung it on the wall next to my desk.
    Thank you for reminding me.

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    by Marcia on April 19, 2012  7:54 am Reply

    This is so true and really highlights the mystery and magic of live and all it's creations. A great reminder and very humbling. Thanks for sharing this on your site. Marcia xx

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