How to make your passions matter

There's not a lot of things as satisfying as being of use while doing something we really like doing. Isn't this true? Don't you just feel so light and happy when immersed in an activity you truly love, when you have the feeling it's useful for yourself or others?

There's a lot of pressure to be good citizens who work to gain money and leave our passions as hobbies for Sunday, after other obligations are completed. Losing ourselves in our subject of interest can be a source of guilty feelings, unless we recognize the good we produce with it!

    What's your passion, what lights you up, what energises you?
    How do you feel when immersed in doing that?
    How many people do you delight just with the smile your activity gave you?
    Are there people you could concretely help and support others with your passion?
    Are there people who would like to learn to do what you do?
    Are there people who could benefit from knowing what you know?

Throw away any doubts about the legitimacy of following that what makes you excited. You can do something very meaningful with that what you love and contribute to others' wellbeing with it at the same time.

In my experience, two big corner stones of making your passions matter are:

  1. Put them into action in the way that satisfies you most. It has to feel good. To you. Engage yourself fully to the moment of activity. Do it as beautifully as you are able. Live it with your whole being.
  2. Calibrate your actions to support others and your world. Still following that what feels good to you, put your passions into service and make the good go round.

We're here to contribute.
We're here to do what we love.
We're here to make the best use of our gifts.

P.S Making your passions matter is also a key to authentic marketing.

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