I’m Hanna Kuikka, a Marketing Designer who values authenticity as a powerful tool when it comes to marketing one's business. I am Finnish and, since forever, I have been passionate about entrepreneurship, creativity, design and personal well-being.


I'm here to help passion-driven heart-centered entrepreneurs shine their passions to the brightest via soulful communications design. I myself am someone who is unable to ignore the powerful voice of my passions. When I look back to that moment when I had to decide which educational path to follow... I remember how complicated it was to choose between business, design and wellness. I wanted to do all three! In the end, I chose to first study business management, with emphasis on marketing and entrepreneurship.


That decision took me from Finland to Ontario, Canada for a year. It was there that had a taste of what it is to dream big and to be excited about your plans and passions. Inspired by that experience, I decided to specialise in Design Management (or Corporate Image Design). Afterwards, I moved to Belgium to study personal development, creative marketing, web development, design and videography.


These days I combine these skills to assist passion-driven entrepreneurs in getting their most powerful, authentic message out in ways that attract the clients whose lives they can genuinely enrich. For this, I've created a communications company All Authentic.


I am also the founder of Nowlicious Yoga Finder and Magazine. Themed 'Heartful living in the here & now', Nowlicious is my long-time passion and a project created with a full heart.



Authentic Marketing Essentials

Imagine a dad going to a bike shop to buy the first bike for his son. What is he really after? A bike... or that magical moment when he gets to watch his son excitedly do his first meters with the bike, with a pinch in the stomache and the chest filled with pride?


It is the feeling that counts - so much so that people do not really buy products or services as much as they buy what those products or services enable them to experience.


Since we are all getting more and more saturated by sales messages, businesses of all sizes can stand out from the pack by inspiring interest in authentic, truly touching ways. By striving to create real, long-lasting connections with their audience. By bringing forth the fundamental, powerful core of what they stand for: the beliefs, the values, the lifestyle, the dreams - those dreams that your audience shares with you. (Think about how powerful that is!)


In a nutshell, be part of the lifestyle your audience dreams of.




Passion-driven heart-centered entrepreneur, feel you have much to offer and want to do good with your business? Don't want to be "selling" but want to make a beautiful, strong impact? Let's inspire interest in your business in a naturally engaging, uplifting way.



creation of a visual identity for your business



design and development of a website that is pretty, functional and easy for you to update without needing to rely on a developer for writing blog posts, adding pages, photos and changing around content as your business develops



to illustrate the soul of what you are about



newsletters, business cards, flyers, posters

For further details, please see www.All-Authentic.com