Authentic Marketing Programme

Are you ready to uplevel your business but not sure where to begin?

If you are tired of trying to make things work on your own and would like to feel secure knowing that your business is developing as it should, then I invite you to read on. This might well be what you're looking for.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you care deeply about what you do but feel it's time to be realistic and find out what you need in order to be profitable?
  • Do you have an inner knowing that there's so much more waiting for you?
  • Do you want to attract more clients, start a new project, or create a more organised workload?
  • How will you begin?
No need to feel overwhelmed by the idea of marketing and selling yourself!

My style of marketing is all about helping you connect with those people who are already searching for what you offer. It starts from gaining clarity about what value you really provide and how you can put your passions into products and services that really interest people. Then it's all about being visible in the right places in the right way. What gets noticed is when you brighten up people's day with your passions, instead of making a sales speech about them.

You’ll never feel like having to sell yourself again when your marketing lets your passions flourish as a valuable resource for your audience.

Do you feel ready to get out there in a more powerful way? Do you want to have your marketing sorted out so that you can do more of what you love doing? If so, this programme is for you.

My name is Hanna Kuikka and I'm a Marketing Designer who places a strong emphasis on authenticity and providing good value in marketing. I would love to share my series of marketing strategies with you. Strategies that are straightforward and simple to implement. Strategies that will allow you navigate any challenges and reveal a clear path for you to follow. I want to help you solve some of the marketing issues that you are currently facing so that you can go ahead and concentrate on doing what you love doing.

Part 1 - Passion into Vision

Create a solid basis for your business through your vision, passions, and strengths

- Uncover and focus on your true passions and strengths
- Build your ideal vision & map out an exciting route for your business
- Discover the fundamental positive value that you provide
- Determine your ideal target market - those people that you can best reach with your passions
- Determine your own authentic message
- Get organised, find clarity, and prepare yourself for meaningful action

Part 2 - Vision into Action

Put your unique message out in the world and reach those people who are looking for what you offer

- Discover your own marketing action path and create focused, effective communications
- Learn how to use those tools that will allow you to make a real difference in your business: social media, newsletters, video, blogging, online products, membership programmes, partnerships, referrals, designing your look and feel...
- Determine exactly what you need to do to be seen and heard by your target audience as a trusted, valuable and appreciated resource

Bonus: Exclusive content from Marcia O'Regan, International Colour Therapist

Bonus 1: Learn how to use a vision board to help manifest your ideal business vision

Tuning your mind and beliefs to support your success is absolutely essential for building a flourishing business. Marcia O'Regan is a master of manifesting the things she wants out of life and business. In a short video, she will share her process of creating a personal vision board and offers a daily routine that allows you to channel your energy into your business.

Bonus 2: How to choose the right colours for your business

Each colour has a specific psychological effect on us. In order to create the strongest impression, and convey the right message about your business, you need to select your colours carefully. Marcia provides you with colour tips designed especially for entrepreneurs. You will also receive a blueprint that allows you to choose the colours that best represent you. In this way, you can be sure to build the right look for your business!

You will learn and discover:

  • How to turn your passions into profitable products and services
  • What your personal action path is to concretisising your ideal business scenario
  • How to use video and the web to build a solid client base online
  • What are the most suitable ways to communicate with your target audience
  • How you can become a trusted and appreciated resource for others through good marketing


You will receive:

  • A practical workbook to stay on track with your progress
  • Clarity on how to move forward with your business and marketing
  • A personal marketing plan developed specifically for you
  • Direction, insight and energy

The intention of this workshop programme is to provide you with a strong base and a clear plan for your business and marketing. Once the programme is over, I am available for further consultations and design work at a reduced fee offered to programme participants.

I would love to support you all the way through this journey into the most fulfilling version of you and your business!

"I wanted to concentrate on what I’m passionate about and what I love doing, and use Hanna’s marketing expertise to get my message out there effectively. It has made a huge impact on what I do - my agenda is practically fully booked now."
Marcia O’Regan, International Colour Therapist


Option 1: Help organise a workshop with friends and/or colleagues

Get together with friends and colleagues for a 2-day face-to-face workshop in your area. We will work through exercises that allow you to gain clarity on what you want to achieve. We will have a series of discussions to determine the best ways to go forward, with feedback and new ideas a certainty. Each participant will also receive their personal marketing action path.

For a detailed programme content, wander back and read through the sections Part 1, Part 2 & Bonuses above.

Minimum group size 6 in Belgium, and 15 abroad.

Fee: 275€ for the 2-day workshop incl. all workshop materials, a workbook and the personal action plans, plus pre-programme exercises.

The person helping to organise receives benefits based on the number of participants.

Your satisfaction guaranteed* (yes, there's a cherry on the cake - details below!)

Option 2: Your 10-week personal marketing programme

The 10-week personal marketing programme is all about setting you up for success. On a weekly basis I will share practical information and give you exercises that will take your business to the next level. We will meet, via skype, 4 times for a 1,5-hour individual consultation. Together we will work through precisely how you can begin taking more focused steps towards creating your ideal business activity.

For a detailed programme content, please review the sections Part 1, Part 2 & Bonuses above.

Fee: 675€ for the 10-week programme incl. 4 x 1,5h personal consulting sessions via skype, a personal workbook, exercises and action plans.

My support is available for you on a continuous basis and we will schedule our calls to suit you.

Your satisfaction guaranteed* (yes, there's a cherry on the cake - details below!)

Further support available to you

Hanna Kuikka, Authentic Marketing Designer

I will be available for further consultations, and for design work, at a reduced fee for programme participants. If you need help designing a logo, a new website, videos, a newsletter template, business cards or flyers, then get in touch!

Marcia O'Regan, International Colour Therapist and Expert

Marcia uses the power of colour to empower and inspire her clients to reach their true potential. She offers colour personality readings that help you better understand and utilise your innate skills and resources. Marcia is also able to work with you at clearing those blockages that are holding you back in your pursuit of your vision. You can work with her in person or via skype.

Francesca Puccio, Renovations Specialist

Using her vision, style and expertise Francesca creates joyful interiors and makes a renovation experience enjoyable and fulfilling. In person or by skype, she can help you modify your home office to best suit your business goals, as well as assure that your client area or treatment room has the right look and feel.

Di Mackey, Writer-Photographer

Di is a professional photographer & writer who uses her camera and her writing skills to capture the true essence of people and places. Di is happy to work with you, as you work through the process of which photographs truly capture the essence of you and your business. She is also available to work her editing magic on your promotional texts, letting your own voice shine through as she creates website, article and flyer texts that truly impact on your audience.

Let's work out whether all of this is what you need?

1) It's time to evaluate how well your current marketing efforts are working for you.

Signs that reveal you need to take a new efficient approach with your marketing:

  • Your business is not flourishing in the way that you know that it could
  • Your business is not attracting the clients you want it to reach
  • You feel lost about how to best utilise the tools available for market your business
  • You feel like you need a guide to help you navigate tools like email, social media, websites and video
  • You are constantly in the need of reinventing your marketing for each new product, project, or service you want to offer
  • You KNOW you have so much more to offer and you really want to get started!

2) *P.S. - Suitability guaranteed

I'm so sure that my programme will assist you in developing ideal marketing solutions for you and your business that if, after our first consultation, you feel the programme isn't right for you, you may stop and receive a full refund of the fee.
So come try the programme, risking nothing in pursuit of establishing a stronger, more powerful business voice in the world.

I look forward to meeting you soon,

Hanna Kuikka

Contact me for further information. Let's begin!

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